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Cactus, The


The Cactus was built in 1973 by Mr. Bob Kinland. The original building consisted of today’s main bar, up to the gaming area, and kitchen. Bob ran “Someplace Else”, as a burger bar, and dance bar for the first year. The upstairs area was a dining area. After the first year “Someplace Else” was sold to a man named Jerry Wolf in 1978 and renamed “The Raven”. It was run under this name for a period of time. Next to be taken over by the Dombecks. There was a name change that we are not able to find. In 1981 the building was purchased by Minge and Baumgartner. This purchase resulted in “Cactus Gardens”. In 1984 “Cactus City” which it today’s Event Center, was built. “Cactus City” was a country western city theme, which held such famous names as Box Car Willy, Back Behind the Barn Boys. In 1985 Cactus Corral was built, which was an outdoor music center, which held such famous names as, The Judds, Shelly West, Statler Brothers, Neil Young, Ricky Nelson, John Conley, Belamy Brothers, Marshall Tucker, The Outlaws, Montana, and many others. In 1986 The Cactus Bowling Center, was built. This bowling center was built with 8 lanes, and was designed to be expanded to 10 lanes, which were later added by another owner. The Minges left The Cactus in 1987 to pursue other interests. Through the next 20 years, The Cactus was owned and operated by many other people, and was operated under many different names. In 2002 the addition 2 lanes were added along with all synthetic lanes, and updated Brunswick bowling machines. In 2005 Chuck Minge, Brenda Minge, and Blake Minge, purchased “The Sparetime” .Through the summer of ’05 “The Sparetime” saw many changes, including the newly added dining room, along with all of today’s woodwork, bar, automatic bowling scorers, and the name change to “The Cactus”. On August 4th 2005, The Cactus was opened. Since its opening, The Cactus has been a staple in the Perham community, providing a quality establishment to entertain guests and create memories.

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